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Dionna Latimer-Hearn is a seasoned speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience specializing in working with multicultural populations in educational contexts.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Dionna Latimer-Hearn is an accomplished public scholar with a wealth of knowledge and insight promoting awareness and understanding of professionals serving culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

Public Scholar

Dionna Latimer-Hearn has served as an educational consultant promoting equitable assessment, instruction, and service delivery for historically marginalized populations.

Educational Consultant

Dionna Latimer-Hearn has developed and led ventures promoting positive change in the US and across borders, including work in France and Japan as well as support for clients in Burkina Faso, Mauritius, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Canada.  Passionate about #equityineducation, Dr. Hearn fervently advocates for historically marginalized groups and amplifies the voices of global majority communities while championing the imperative to #respectthedialect.  

Dionna Latimer-Hearn is a dynamic speaker and entrepreneur

whose ventures have created

positive change in the US and


Dionna Latimer-Hearn leads a number of ventures promoting #equityineducation.  Here are five.


REACT Initiative, Inc.

REACT Initiative, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that addresses barriers impeding the educational access and success of individuals from historically marginalized populations.  We identify and address unjust educational practices while contributing to the continued development of professionals serving diverse populations.  


Respect the Dialect

Respect the Dialect exists to raise awareness and offer continuing education on issues pertaining to African American English (AAE) and its use in educational and professional settings.  The forum offers resources and support to speech-language pathologists and educators who serve AAE-speaking students and clients.


Business Turning Point

Business Turning Point is an online community offering consultative support, mentoring, networking opportunities, and access to valuable resources for entrepreneurs.  Join us as we navigate the twists and turns of business development together.


The Culture We Speak Podcast

The Culture We Speak is a podcast examining the intersection of culture, language, and education.  On this platform we decenter mainstream gaze and offer resources to improve educator effectiveness in serving global majority populations.


Public Speaking & Consulting Services

Dionna Latimer-Hearn is a sought after international presenter and educational consultant.  Her impactful presentations span school districts, universities, clinics, hospitals, and corporations.  Through her various endeavors she has worked with professionals in several nations to promote equitable access to educational opportunities for historically marginalized populations.

Dionna Latimer-Hearn fervently advocates for and amplifies the voices of global majority  communities.

Dionna Latimer-Hearn's research and advocacy efforts have earned her prestigious accolades from the World Education Research Association, the American Educational Research Association, and the National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing.

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