Recent publicized killings of Black citizens at the hands of the law enforcement and vigilantes have led to organized activism in the US  and abroad.  In the current sociocultural climate, individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds have begun the important work of addressing racism and elitism in society.  This is a journey that you do not have to make alone.  Anti-racism coaching is a service that guides and supports individuals in identifying and working to tangibly dismantle racist and elitist beliefs and practices in themselves and/or in their communities.

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Dionna Latimer-Hearn offers support beyond diversity and inclusion training for your organization.  Regardless of size, my team specializes in supporting educational and/or corporate organizations in reexamining their policies and practices and identifying ways to make tangible changes to support racial equity in the workplace.  This important work leads to better outcomes for your team members, your clientele, and your bottom line.  In today's market and social climate, it is important to actively involve yourself in equity and anti-racism efforts.  Take charge.  Choose action.  Become a part of the solution.

  • Review and reexamine existing policies and procedures

  • Diversity and bias training 

  • Exploring race and racial inequities

  • Developing an equity and anti-racism plan

  • Implementation support

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