"What a wonderful training!  It was so engaging and insightful.  Thank you so much!"

"Engagement!  The presenter kept the rapt attention of the entire audience."

"Very knowledgeable and professional."  

"I liked Dr. Latimer-Hearn's ability to present information and answer questions.  It made me understand more deeply how there are varied opinions on situations within communities, and how important that is to remember."  

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, personal experiences and professional expertise with us!"

"The speaker was so knowledgeable and had lots of data to present.  The slide show was well done, and she balanced lecture with group participation perfectly."  

"Your presentation was thought provoking and has generated much discussion amongst team members.  A group of us are getting together to continue the discussion that started in our breakout session."  

"THANK YOU! I have found myself wanting to share so much of the material with colleagues."

"Dr. Latimer-Hearn was communicative, professional, flexible, and provided a wealth of information in a comfortable manner."  

"I'd like to thank you for contributing to the growth and awareness of so many."  

"I am so grateful that you shared your time and expertise with our group.  It was a vital conversation and I hope it continues." 

"By far the best presentation [at an all day conference].  So much information... Everyone should see this presentation." 

"Continue to share, continue to speak, continue to do the work that [the panel is] doing 'cause the impact is going BEYOND these presentations."

"Thank you so much for your willingness to share your experiences and your dedication to diversity and equity within speech-language pathology."

"This session was filled with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  I look forward to connecting with Dr. Latimer-Hearn in the near future."

"I also appreciated the presenter inviting us to ask uncomfortable questions in a setting without judgment."  

"Dr. Hearn was awesome.  This presentation opened my eyes to a lot."

"A timely discussion on an area that is important for SLPs to know about.  Personal stories from the presenter and panelists were heartfelt and interesting." 

"The amount of information and insight that was available during your event was outstanding. We appreciated how easy it was for students to engage with you and your welcoming presence helped encourage participation.  We received so much positive feedback from students with actionable steps that they pan to take in their future studies and careers.  Than you again for your time and we hope to collaborate with you again in the future."  


"Our participants were grateful for the style of presentation as well as the information itself."

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