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Where I'm From

My son, Ryan, had to do a poem for class. I am impressed with his work. When I read the first few lines of his poem (before he finished) I got goosebumps. I created the image for him, but the words belong to him. #identity #roots #Blackexperience #Legacy #LewisLatimer #CleoHearn

Where I am From I am from chains From cotton and cash crops I am from the Kings and Queens in Africa Diamond-rich, doctors, engineers, and more and green beautiful lands I am from indigo Which was handpicked to sell I'm from cookouts and inventors From Lewis Latimer and Cleo Hearn I'm from the Basketball and Activism From Black Lives Matter and I can be whatever I want to be I'm from Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior I'm from Japan, Dionna Latimer and Cedric Hearn My family is Grilled Steak and Mac and Cheese From Frank Latimer, who served in the trenches of World War II Or Cedric Hearn who served in the Gulf War Or Cleo Hearn the first African American to graduate from college on a rodeo scholarship Or the family album with people whose stories I never got to know We keep these family items to preserve the history of the past

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