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Know thyself…then check thyself

The struggle was real.

My hands were sweaty as I gripped the crayon on yet another blank piece of paper.

I was in tears. I couldn’t focus. Something must be wrong with me. I would never succeed. I was already a failure in my mind. For many years, my mom reminded me of this experience--the time I found out that I would not amount to anything much in school.

Guys, I was five. Kindergarten was looming in my future and I could not—For. The. Life. Of. Me – figure out how to copy the “a” on my mom’s typewriter. Oh, and it wasn’t even a regular print “A”…it was a lower case script “a.” And I had already decided that I wasn’t prepared for kindergarten….you know, the place where they teach you how to accurately form your letters.

In other words, I have a propensity toward frustration when I perceive that my performance is less than adequate.

Nah. Scratch that. Let’s call it what it is: My name is Dionna and I’m a #@%#@ perfectionist!

If there are any speech-language pathologists reading this now, I know for a fact that I am not alone! I see y’all out there. It’s ok to admit it.

Take a deep breath.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

It should.

As you start your business, embark on your career journey, or head off to kindergarten,—hey, we all have our mountain to climb—it is of the utmost importance that you recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.

Take inventory.

Consider completing a free online assessment such as the one found here. Tests such as these will help you navigate the challenging waters. The more you know about your own habits, behaviors, and idiosyncrasies, the easier it is to structure your day, establish realistic goals, and set a reasonable timeline for everything that needs to get done. Knowing yourself will help you:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Determine behavioral patterns

  • Explore fields that might be a good fit for you

  • Examine how you interact and work with others

Knowing more about yourself will also help you refocus your efforts when a task seems insurmountable…I wish someone had shared this nugget of wisdom with me before kindergarten.

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