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Dirty Laundry

I’m not airing dirty laundry; See, I’ve been wearing dirty laundry. This is the outfit that you’ve tailored for me. It’s made from cheap, ugly fabric, And the look on me is tragic. It’s even sewn with the thread of insecurity. I’m not airing dirty laundry; Nope, I’m bearing your dirty laundry. The weight is too much for any person to hold. With your constant manipulation, A childhood spent in trepidation. I’m fighting alone in this life you’ve rendered cold. I’m not airing dirty laundry; No, I was sharing dirty laundry. This sacrifice is the only choice for me to make. All those dark nights alone, Stripped of love you’ve rarely shown. Giving the shirt off my back for my brother's sake. I’m not airing dirty laundry; But reluctantly caring for dirty laundry. I’ve spent a lifetime serving your emotional needs. Time given for everything else, Serving no one other than yourself. It’s about time for this woman of God to be freed. I’m not airing dirty laundry; I’m finally tearing dirty laundry. Take this filth and disgrace off of me. Many years I’ve been defined By lies, hurt, and neglect combined. It’s time for the whole world to see the real me.

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