Overview of Language Development

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Overview of Language Development

[Ideal for Special Educators, General Educators]


From a teacher’s lecture to a student’s demonstration of knowledge, language is the basis for every single event that takes place within the educational setting.  Unfortunately, many educators do not have a grasp of the nuances of language and the ways in which varied ability to use language impacts student outcomes.  This course will examine language development and use.  It will explore language varieties (i.e., different dialects and languages) and will support teachers in making more effective and accurate speech and language referrals.    

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • list and offer examples of the five domains of language

  • differentiate between speech and language

  • identify developmental milestones for monolingual and bilingual learners

  • recognize cross-linguistic influence; identify strategies to facilitate language development

  • identify the link between language and literacy

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