Educational Consulting

For Schools/Organizations:  Specializing in the education of culturally and linguistically diverse populations, special education students and Title I School populations. 

For Families/Students:  Provide counseling to help students and families choose a school, college or educational program that is an effective match for the student’s specific academic and social needs.


The following supports are available:

- Learning Style Assessment

- Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/Section 504 Plan Support

- Family/Student Advocacy

- College Education Admission Advising

- Graduate/Professional School Advising

- Financial Aid Process Support

- Support for Development/Learning Challenges

- Study Skill Development

- Standardized Test Preparation

- Tutoring

- Literacy Development

Vocational Support Services
We support adults with or without evidence of developmental disabilities or related conditions. 

Services Offered:  

- Accent Modification

- Resume Development

- Job Search Support/Networking

- Interview Preparation

- Career Coaching

- Job Training/Skill Development

- Site Visits

- Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution

Provision of services is based upon the individual’s level of need in searching, securing, and effectively carrying out vocational duties.

Post-Secondary Educational Support

- Organization and Study Skill Development

- Time Management Support

- Tutoring Services

- Career Development

- Editing and Proofreading Services