Disproportionality in

Special Education & Discipline

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Disproportionality in Special Education & Discipline

[Ideal for Special Educators, General Educators, Related Service Providers]


The overrepresentation of minority populations in special education and the disproportionate degree to which they receive disciplinary action have been the subject of recent educational research.  Disproportionality not only contributes to the Black-White Achievement Gap but also eclipses the educational future of many students, particularly those who are misidentified as needed remedial or punitive recourse.  This trend of disproportionality underscores the challenges that schools face in meeting the needs of minority youth in the general education setting.  This course is designed to explore contributing factors to disproportionality and examines solutions to mitigate overidentification of minority youth. 

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • identify factors that contribute to overidentification of students from historically marginalized populations

  • identify ways to improve diagnostic accuracy 

  • facilitate students’ use of strategies to support their educational performance 

  • implement strategies to offset the need for remedial or punitive recourse.

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